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There are two chapels at Westminster Woods. The original "Chapel in the Woods" that has stood by the lake since camp opened in 1963, and the larger, modern "Chapel on the Hill" built in 2010. 

Chapel on the Hill

Our primary gathering place, this is where our summer camps and other large groups come for worship, group activities, and other events. Built in 2010, this space is fully heated and air-conditioned, can seat up to 200, and has fully updated dual projector and audio/visual capabilities. This space also includes a kitchenette and two gender separate bathrooms.

Chapel in the Woods

Formerly our primary space for gathering and worship, the Chapel in the Woods is now a great space for smaller groups. Complete with a kitchenette and two full bathrooms, it can also be converted into an extra cabin that houses up to 16 campers. The upper level can be used as a separate small group space that holds approximately  12 people.


Outdoor Sanctuary

A wonderful place for campfire worship, this clearing has benches to seat all of your campers. Beneath the stars, deep in the woods, this space holds a quiet reverence.


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