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What to bring to Camp

What should I bring?
What can I not bring?
What if I forget something?

We know packing for camp, especially if you've never been before, can be pretty stressful. We've all asked ourselves these questions before at some point, and we don't want you to have to worry or go without something you might need at camp. So, we've tried to create a handy little list of things that help make for an awesome week. And don't worry--if you do forget something (hey, happens to the best of us!), we have lots of extra stuff and we'll make sure you get whatever you need!


What to Bring:
Bible                     Jacket
Notebook              Pen or Pencil
Pillow                    Sleeping bag/sheets
2 Towels               Tennis shoes
Personal stuff       Socks

Swimsuit (for guys, appropriate length; for girls, modest one-piece)

*Appropriate Clothing"

(ie, shorts/shirts of appropriate length, tank tops must have straps at least two inches wide--including cut-offs for guys)

*We try to place modest regulations on the clothing worn at camp. This is not an attempt to control or shame anyone--we're simply hoping to avoid situations that could potentially be misunderstood and place campers or staff in an uncomfortable position.

What not to Bring:
Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives
Excessive amounts of money
Smoking and tobacco products
Fireworks and other explosives
Personal electronic equipment
Cell phones

*Cell phone are optional at camp. We will have a phone box at each cabin and ask the campers to keep their phone in it. We encourage parents and campers to make the decision to "unplug" at camp. Phones will not always be available. There are times we ask the campers to be unplugged. 

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