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Bus Information

Westminster Woods Bus Schedule

Going to Camp date
Coming home date
High School
June 19th
June 25th
7th & 8th
June 12th
June 16th
5th & 6th
June 5th
June 9th
3rd & 4th
May 30th
June 2nd

Wichita Bus Information

Going to camp:

Bus departs from Eastminster at 2:30pm

Bus arrives at Westminster Woods at 4:00pm

Coming Home:

Bus departs from Westminster Woods at 12:30pm

Bus arrives at Eastminster at 2:00pm

The cost of riding the bus (cost is the same for one-way and two-way trips) is a total of $35. The Wichita bus will pick up and drop off at Eastminster Presbyterian Church: 1958 N Webb Rd. Wichita, KS 67206

Western Kansas Bus Schedule

Departure to Camp time
Return from Camp time
Dodge City

Western Kansas Bus Information

The cost of riding the bus (for either one or two-way trips) is a total of $35.

The western Kansas Bus will pick up and drop off at the following locations:

  • Dodge City - First Presbyterian Church, 803 Central Ave

  • Pratt - First Presbyterian Church, 202 E. 1st Street

  • Kingman - First Presbyterian Church, 201 E. Ave D 

Note: There must be at least 2 campers scheduled to be on the bus at all times. This meets our safety protocols.

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