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Snack Shack

Always a favorite among campers, the Snack Shack is the place to go for snacks, candy, drinks, and merch throughout the week! It does cost a little extra, so be sure to bring your spare change with you to camp! All money for the Snack Shack will be turned in at the beginning of camp, giving each camper an "account" to draw from for the week (and makes sure no one loses anything!). Any unused money will be returned at check-out on the last day of camp. However, bringing money for the Snack Shack is by no means required, and all campers receive the same meals and snacks provided by camp regardless of any Snack Shack purchases.


*Drinks and snacks range in price depending on what you purchase. 


Unfortunately, donation is no longer an option for leftover snack shack funds. If you would like to donate to the camp, please visit our Friends of Westminster Woods page.

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